Rise of the Overworld


Enter the Overworld! An open world fantasy game about the 'Eternal War' waged between light and darkness. Go on quests, craft items and weapons, battle in the arena, play minigames, socialize with friends, and explore!



The Eternals are entities that manifested as a result of the Eternal War. Darkness is represented by the Deadly Sins, demonic creatures who wish to possess the great lands of the universe and wreak havoc among life itself. Lightness is represented by the Holy Virtues, angelic beings who bring balance and harmony to the natural world.

Sins-Eyes Virtues-Eyes

Gameplay: Rise of the Overworld

Our game is currently in its production phase. We have made significant progress since our launch and have attached media below to showcase this! Before opening public servers we will hold downloadable quests, treating these as alpha tests with special prizes for those who participate.


(1/8) - Eternals: 'Rise of the Overworld', Gameplay Teaser #1 {Hell's House lobby}.


(1/8) - The official map of the Overworld! [ENLARGE]

Roadmap & Eternals Wiki

Our roadmap has been strategically planned based on market conditions and the manpower behind the project. The different phases you see may be subject to change depending on these factors, but for now, this is our projected course.

Phase 1


Roadmap 1.0 Complete

Completion time: 1 Year

Summary of this in the hyperlink below

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Phase 2


Mint the Holy Virtues

Airdrop "HIDDEN" Flute

Finalise Lore Ch.1

NFTxLV 2023

Phase 3


First downloadable in-game Quest

Airdrop Sacred Items

Full Virtues Staking Integration

Increased Merchandise selection

What is the Eternals Wiki?

The Eternals Wiki is an ever-evolving document we created that shares project information with both newcomers & veterans. We cover everything about us, including exciting concepts such as our $ETERNAL token, Staking mechanics, Game-ready items and even Factions!

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Team & Partners

We are a strong team of three with the correct skill-set and fiery passion to bring this vision to fruition.


CEO & Developer

Manages the day-to-day operations and the direction the company takes; he plays an integral role in the success and future of the company.


Artist & Creative Lead

Creates all visuals and logos pertaining to the Eternals brand. Plays a key role in marketing efforts and community satisfaction.


Operations & Technical Director | Social Media Manager

Helps set company strategy and goals. Manages social media.

We work closely with all our partners on our missions. Please click their icon to find out how they work with us!


Professional game development studio with 20+ years of industry experience. They are developing 'Rise of the Overworld'!


The most commonly asked questions and their answers. If you have any lingering questions, please check out our Wiki or join our Discord and open a support ticket.

  • How many NFTs are in your main collections?

    6666 Deadly Sins, 6666 Holy Virtues, for a total of 13,332 NFTs.

  • Will the game be free to play?

    Our game will be free to play; however, our NFTs will add to the in-game experience, allowing players to make use of all interactive features and events we host.

  • Can you earn anything while playing?

    You can earn our token, $ETERNAL and NFTs in the form of playable items, collectible pins, or cosmetics. Our game was made to have fun, we do not promote the idea of grinding to make large financial gains.

  • What engine is the game being designed in?

    'Rise of the Overworld' is being designed in Unreal Engine 5, a tool used for many popular games such as Fortnite and Elden Ring. Our game is being developed in such a way that it will be transferable to more advanced engines.

  • What device & input do you need to play the game?

    We intend for our game to launch on Windows devices. Playable inputs will be mouse & keyboard, controller, and even virtual reality headsets!

  • How involved are the community?

    Since our inception, our community has heavily influenced the creative path we've taken! This includes, but is not limited to, our merchandise, lore, and even our game. If you're interested, hop in our Discord to join the fun!

  • Where do you buy the NFTs/Collectibles?

    Our main trading location is JPG.store. You will be able to find any of our collections by typing in "Eternals" in the search bar.

  • What are the Policy IDs of the released collections?

    The Deadly Sins - e614d5074d8a879a8dc9b7d0da77114913245e055c2faa9be042a156

    The Deadly Sins: Phantom Key - 1f9c0c14d211117b82a61602f98f18274bc5086ad1231614715923d0

    The Deadly Sins: Cursed Items - b70962ff89093b9bdfda0883f10c8cea59bd1b908a5f184e375fb947

    The Holy Virtues - dba19b7bf9bd6ff2bf6eafa066532ac7c0123362a3824d9287ce076d

    The Holy Virtues: Griffin Flute - 47fbb722b522317590c8ff1c20ef6dce9b561eeeffe5f78d2e60b9fa

    ETERNALS: Collectibles - e78c8f1b194a38b783b1fbf56f7aba05c4b10ae13d8ce746c041366a

    ETERNALS: Native Token - 86b116d8cfd880445825208b4a355b7715b63763d6d8f3d37338d211